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Tom is a fresh and forward thinking British studio engineer, combining and utilising a variety of audio production techniques to capture unique sounds, recordings, productions, mixes and masters. Tom attained a 1st class degree in, IET accredited, BSc Music Technology with high quality experience working alongside various artists, bands, ensembles and the next generation of top classically trained musicians at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Tom is additionally Avid, Dante and Bitwig qualified/certified, working with many producers, artists and engineers over the past few years, after initially working as an assistant engineer to Piers Mortimer (Deep Purple, Laurence Jones, Bernie Marsdon, Joanna Forest, Jamiroquai Band/Groovesonix, Sweet Crisis, Morganway). at Headline Music Studios.

Tom has worked and/or run various sessions on a wide variety of projects for companies, talented artists and bands with credits on various albums such as Don Airey's "One Of A Kind", King Cassady's "Trampagne Champ EP", Rebecca Nash's "Peaceful King", Last Exit's "Tides EP" and Morganway's self titled debut album, to name a handful... With vast experience working with an array of musical styles, Tom is currently engineering in several studios across East Anglia as well as his own personal studio to offer professional audio services.

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Tom Stanford

Independent Audio Engineer
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Live Streaming

Foley and Visual Media

MIDI Production

Music (Multi-genre)


Location/Live Recording


Signature Mix


Film/Game Sound Mix


Mix Critique/Feedback

Mastered for CD

Mastered for Streaming

Mastered for Broadcast

Signature Master


Stem Mastering

Check out some quick examples...

The Rain (Jazz) - Giuseppe La Grutta

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered

Dreamer (Jazz) - Rebecca Nash | ATLAS


Schubert Movement 3 (Classical) - The Ripieno Players

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered

Tides (Electronic) - Last Exit

Mixed | Mastered

Trampagne Champ (Gypsy Flamenco Jazz) - King Cassady

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered

Moving Together (Rock) - Sweet Crisis


Skyline (Electronic) - Last Exit

Mixed | Mastered

Fallen Throne LIVE (Acoustic Pop) - Three Years Younger)

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered

Viola Concerto (Orchestral) - Bartok, performed by The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Final Major Project Orchestra.

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered

More releases found in the "Credits" section below! 


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recording preparation.

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recording preparation.

Focusing on capturing the vibe right at the source, for the highest quality possible mixes and masters.

Have your project's unique sound captured effortlessly, with all technical aspects of a recording session taken care of. By working alongside you, a project's vision and sonic direction can be achieved by finding a creative workflow with an environment where the best possible takes can be captured.


Additionally, projects that are looking to develop, discover and/or refine their sound, can be worked with collaboratively to co-produce and create a unique project. Additional technical (e.g. MIDI) production services available during or outside of a studio session, utilising additional premium instruments and equipment available.

Recording services aren't limited to physical studio bookings, remote virtual recording sessions via Zoom and/or professional network audio solutions and on-location music venues / filming sets.



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Mixing preparation.

Focusing on carefully balancing, sculpting and moulding a recording so it feels and sounds great.

Have your recordings and productions sculpted into an emotive sounding piece of music. With the combination of analog consoles, tape machines, preamps and outboard gear, paired with premium digital plugins and a strong set of experienced and creative ears... a tailored mix can be achieved for any project.


Mixes can be carried out in attended or unattended sessions, always working alongside artists/bands/ensembles closely, to realise and achieve their vision for a project.



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Mastering preparation.

Putting the final polish on a project, for a strong sounding release on any platform. 

Turn a great mix into a fantastic sounding release. Through utilising a musical and technical approach to add any necessary final enhancement, polish, carry out metadata management and meet the standards of streaming platforms, digital downloads and CD playback. Mastering is carried out in unattended sessions, however with a consultation throughout the mastering process, always working with you closely to realise and achieve your vision for a project.


Visual Media / Streaming

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Vis. Media preparation.

Create slick and professional live streams and visual media content for online.

Live stream or shoot pre-recorded slick and unique content without worrying about the technical challenges that come with rapidly evolving technology of online media. Work collaboratively to create unique live stream sets within a purpose built live streaming studio or on location, you can be sure your live stream or video project is truly tailored to you.

Growth of online visual media consumption is higher than ever with no signs of slowing down. It couldn't be a better time to run remote live streams and create live video content, even beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. Services are availble as whole packages or if preferred, as a member of the sound dept. in production team on location, in professional recording studios or a dedicated live streaming studio.

Seperate audio mix and master also availible at very affordable rates, please get in contact to discuss your project!

Check out some recent live streams, produced, fully live mixed and mastered for online broadcast:

Also, some behind the scenes snaps from live stream and visual media recording projects!